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If you’re a magic enthusiast, you’ve probably videos where they “read minds. You can now do those tricks on your own with How To Read Minds Kit. This set includes over 20 most effective techniques on mentalism so you can demonstrate your mind-reading skills to anyone, anywhere. This kit is complete with 14 special items including custom credit card, wallet, notepad, and more. Most of the props in this kit will never be seen by the people whose minds you’re reading. They stay in the background and help you read minds. Think of them as little helpers, letting you be as awesome as you can be.

The secrets inside this box will give you the ability to:

  • Know the unlock code to anyone’s phone
  • Reveal any word they think of
  • See inside their mind & pull out a thought
  • Predict someone’s choices before they make them
  • Know their 4-digit credit card PIN
  • Draw the exact object they secretly drew
  • Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill
  • Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers
  • And so much more!

Successfully funded on Kickstarter at $330,091



  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 4″H x 12″L x 9″W
  • 2-layer box
  • No experience required
  • Works all the time
  • Perfect gift


  • 20x powerful techniques for mind-reading
  • 1x custom printed book
  • 1x custom credit card w/ 3 powerful secrets
  • 1x custom wallet
  • 1x custom notepad
  • 10x specially designed props

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