review is an email marketing platform with email automation. Your subscribers can be segmented and tagged, allowing you to have different target groups. When it comes to email automation, it is definitely important not to send the email to the wrong person.

The subscriber profile is shown clearly to you, which segment, which tag they are in. It can even show you how much they have spend on your platform.

Your emails can be created using templates and you can use merged fields for custom emails.

It’s not a one trick pony.

The links in your email are tracked and can have variables, allowing customization of your website when the subscriber visits your site via the links.

You can have multiple smtp servers with different sending profiles for your different businesses.

You can create optin forms using templates that are well designed, saving you time and sweat.

There’s a report panel that shows you the sales, tracking, emails and funnels.

All in all, it is a platform that you should seriously consider.

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